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The Time Savers

Everything in this world has something to balance its existence. If there is white, there is black; if there is darkness there is light, if there are time wasters, there are time savers. So now let us focus our attention towards those time savers because they are our best friends when we talk about Time Management.

Again, as in the case of time killers, I am just listing out a few general examples over here. These are by no means the only time savers in the world.

The Top Ten Time Savers

  • Telephones and cell phones
  • Computers
  • Elevators
  • Fax Machines
  • The Internet
  • Coffee Machines
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Copy Machines
  • Efficient Filing Systems
  • Good help  

Letís take a quick look at all these.

Telephones - Surprise! Surprise! I had included telephones under the list of time killers but telephones are in fact one of the best time savers that man has invented. Just imagine the amount of time you get to save by just making a telephone call!

Suppose you are to have a business lunch with an important client. Obviously you have to reserve a table in your favorite restaurant. Now, imagine you have to go there in person to make the reservation. The task would easily take away at least two or three hours of your time when you take into consideration the travel time, parking, etc. On the other hand, this is something you can easily do over the telephone. So telephones are certainly one of the best time savers in this world. But of course, it all depends on how you use the telephone.

Computers - I donít think that enough can be said about the time saving roles of the computer. But then I donít think that I have to say much. I suppose every one will agree that computers are indeed timesaving machines.

Elevators - Next we come to elevators and elevators too we know save a lot of time that we would other wise have to spend plodding up flights and flights of steps. Elevators save not just time but energy as well. But one annoying thing about elevators is that sometimes the elevator takes for ever to reach or floor.

If you just have to go two or three floors up or down in such cases it is always better to take the stairs instead of waiting ten or fifteen minutes for the elevator to come to your floor. Itís better for your health too.

Fax machines - Like telephones, fax machines too save a lot of time by enabling us to send important documents across continents if needed and that too within a few seconds.

The Internet - It goes without saying that the internet has revolutionized our concept of time itself. With facilities like email, scanners, voicemail and video conferencing, even the fax machine is becoming outdated.

Coffee Brewers - Yes, coffee brewers. The old percolators used to take such a long time to make coffee. Now you can have a steaming cup in as little as three minutes.

Bulletin Boards - Bulletin Boards are very time effective way of reaching out to a large number of people. Instead of conducting one of those long meetings in which every one gets a chance to go on and on, it is best to convey messages with the help of bulletin boards which can be displayed at a place accessible to all. Oh yes, then comes the question of how to make sure that the message is read by all those concerned. Simple, include space on the notice where the concerned people can put down their initials as proof that they have read the message.

Copy Machines - Often we tend to underestimate the importance of copy machines. Those machines just sit there and make copies of what is fed into them all day long. It does seem like a job which does not require any brains. And that is why we do not give these machines any credit. But once these machines fail, we understand their worth. Of course we can take multiple prints using a printer, but cost wise and time wise a copy machine is much better. It is really faster than a printer and it costs nothing to make copies.

Efficient Filing Systems - Being able to find an important document or file should not be a matter of luck. There should be a proper place to keep the files. A file cabinet is best. And the files should be kept in a proper order with easy to read and intelligible name tags and labels.

The same thing applies to the files you have on your computer, you should name the files properly and not use abbreviation that could stand for anything. People tend to try and save time by using abbreviations which sound quite ridiculous once they forget what it really stands for.

Good Help - Good help is an asset to any situation. If your helper is as dependable as a screen saver, then half the battle is won. The advantage of having good help is that you can delegate a lot of things to them. It is not always necessary that you do everything by yourself. You should be able to delegate a lot of things, but first of course you have to be sure that the people you are delegating to do something are good enough. Once you are able to share your work load with someone, you will have at least one hand free, and I am sure you will be able to put that hand to some good use.

You can probably find other time savers to help you in your daily activities. Answering machines, dishwashers, recorders, this list could go on for a long while. Identify the things in your life that you need the most help with and then get the equipment or people that will help you save time.

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