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This is something that should be handled very carefully. In fact it is in all senses a balancing act. It will work very well for domestic things, but in your professional life, if you are not careful while balancing, you could end up flat on your nose.

Let’s take an example. At home I want to iron my clothes and it takes a couple of minutes for my electric iron to heat up. At the same time I want to make myself a cup of coffee so while the iron is heating up, I might as well start a pot of coffee. I need to make some toast for my breakfast and after popping two slices of bread into the toaster; I can go back to the ironing. After ironing one shirt perhaps, I can go back to the kitchen and have  cup of coffee and some toast.. At the end of five minutes, I have my coffee, two slices of toast and a freshly ironed shirt.

I would suggest that if you feel that you can do more than one thing at a time, go ahead but limit the number to two at work and three at most in the home or else you might end up messing a whole lot of things.

Let’s us now check out a couple of things which can be done simultaneously at the office.

In today’s hectic world, where is so much fret and fury, most of us hardly get any exercise. Since we are so pressured for time, the question of taking time off to get some exercise seems completely out of question. I think it would be a good idea to try and get some exercise while you are in the office itself. When you are making a couple of telephone calls, it would be a good idea to get up and walk if it is a cordless phone or cell phone. If you have to sit down, stretch out your feet and try to wiggle your toes. This exercise has been proved to be a great stress reliever. Try and get one of those hands free sets which you can attach to your body so that your hands are free while you are talking. This gives you a chance to do something useful with your hands instead of just supporting the phone.

The important thing to consider in multi-tasking is that if you choose to do two things at the same time make sure that one of those things is not very important and does not require much attention.

It is not a good idea to try to answer your email while talking on the phone. Both require your thoughts and one will suffer. You can, however file papers or dust your shelves while on the phone with no problems. Trying to focus your undivided attention on two important things at the same time, is really asking for too much.

It is all a matter of common sense when it comes to choosing which two things that you can do together at the same time. It certainly will be ridiculous for you to choose to clip you nails while you are attending a board meeting. And it would be in bad taste to use a tooth pick while dictating a letter. But you can carry your lap top while you are traveling and work on it during a flight or train journey.

Try to get into the habit of doing the same two things at the same time. This way when you start one job, the other will be automatic.


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