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I have loved school for as far back as I can remember. I loved the smell of the books, the vibrant colors of the crayons lined up in the little black box we were each assigned, the smooth finish of my desk with a black inkwell in the upper right corner, and especially I loved my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bordeaux. In my mind she was the smartest person in the world, and I counted on her to teach me all the things I needed to know to become educated. I also thought she was the most beautiful person in world, resembling popular actress of the day, Loretta Young, and dressing as elegantly.

Because I loved school so much it's not surprising that I became a teacher. First, in junior high school English in Watts, CA and later in various colleges and even my own private tutoring program. I currently teach critical thinking at Fullerton College in Fullerton, CA.

Everyone didn't find school as pleasurable or inviting. Some students were not even able to attend school due to upsetting home conditions or because their work on the farm conflicted with school schedules. Other students attended school but experienced cruel and unwelcoming teachers, dampening their enthusiasm for learning.

Whether you are in the group that loved school or the group that missed getting your share of education, this website is for you. The advent of the computer has made education available for all who want it. Here you'll find information and sources on returning to school, attending college, pursuing a career after college and encouragement to engage in lifelong learning.

We are enjoying a time in history when education is available to more people than ever before. Adults who never learned to read can get help with literacy. Children unable to physically attend school can receive home teachers or home schooling. Working parents may find online courses the perfect choice to complete their degrees. Even if what you need is motivation or confidence, there is help for you. If getting an education is important to you, grab this chance to reach your goal.

Your Education Matters is built on the knowledge and experience I have gained as a teacher, writer, speaker and mother of four over the past 30+ years. This site is the source of information, inspiration and resources for students, parents and educators who are pursuing education or helping others get theirs. Explore our website, open the links that interest you, read the articles, and let us know what you'd like to know about your education that we haven't covered. Remember, your education matters.

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